The lowdown: I am a graphic designer and web developer with over 15 years of experience in the industry. Over the years I have worked with clients of all sorts ranging from high-profile musicians to startup tech companies. I have a natural urge to discover, create, travel and explore. Most of my inspiration is found out in the world and not in front of a screen. I have a passion for trail running, skiing, cats, craft beer and sandwiches.
Philosophy: We all do our best work when we are passionate about what we do. My passion is solving problems using design and aesthetics as tools to find the answer. Whether creating a new brand identity or a user-interface for the web, the strategy for finding the best possible outcome relies on understanding the client’s needs and combining that with the proper skillset. I strive to provide both that understanding and skillset.
What I do:
•Visual Identity and Branding
•Web/UI Design
• Illustrations and Iconography
• Wordpress and E-commerce Development

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