Zuriick is a shoe and clothing company based in Salt Lake City. They have been a longtime client of mine and I have been a longtime fan of theirs. One of the projects I worked with them on was the design and development of their website and online shop. We wanted to make sure the website had the ability to look fresh with each season and each campaign they were promoting. We accomplished this through large full-page imagery that changes with each page of the website.





Website Design & Development, Online Shop Development



Sweet Lake

Visual Identity Design

Zuriick Look Books

Look Book Layout

Magic Stone

Branding, Web Design, Print Materials

Rusted Box Records

Branding, Web Design, Print Materials

Beacon Audio

Website & Online Shop

Jmills Entertainment

Website Development


Website Design & Development

Dinner At Vinny's

Branding, Web Design, Print Materials

Revolv Magazine

Website Design & Development

Pinehill Brewmasters

Personal Project

Shinichi Osawa

Record Sleeve Design

Keep Space Marketplace

Brand Identity Design

The Blazar Project

Website Design & Development

Knives Out

Promotional Poster Design


Online Boutique

Child Like Me

Typography Piece